Age of the Galliard
Curt Sachs first coined the term "Age of the Galliard" to describe the style of dance performed in Italy from the early sixteenth through the mid-seventeenth centuries. Herein, I present my work - translations, notations, and teaching resources - of this era of dance.
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Il Ballarino: Steps and Dances
Il Ballarino: Steps and Dances presents dances of late-sixteenth century Italy in a new, easy-to-use format that allows dancers and musicians of all skill levels to be able to understand and perform these dances.

For the beginner dancer, the dances have been written in a simple, standardized format that is easy to follow. Further, the steps have been redefined, beat-by-beat, in modern, concise English. Footnotes have also been provided explaining any complex sections of choreography.

For the reconstructionist, a direct translation of each step and footnotes have been provided throughout explaining all interpretations or changes and methods of reconstruction.

For all users, charts have been provided outlining the attributes of each dance. These charts enable the user to look at the dances from a more global perspective and choose a dance based on their skills and needs.
From the back:

"Following the translations included in the earlier works focusing on Cascarde, and selected Balletti and Sciolte dances as devised by Fabrito Caroso, Margaret Roe now delivers this comprehensive new volume of Caroso's great work Il Ballarino.

Fans and students of sixteenth century Italian dance will revel in the word for word translation of Caroso's cultured and florid prose describing the dance steps, while novices will find the clear beat by beat details of execution pleasantly clear to follow. All dances from Caroso's Il Ballarino have been translated in this volume, rewritten into a simplified annotated format which provide both clarity and depth of content. With the same exacting standards shown throughout, the musical structure and repetitions of the dances are carefully dissected for anyone, novice or expert, to become confident and comfortable in recreating them. Comprehensive charts detail each step and every element of the dances which earned Caroso such notoriety in his day and celebration in ours.

This nuanced and complete translation of Il Ballarino brings surety to the dance floor and completeness to the dancers' library."

Included in this book:

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