Age of the Galliard
Curt Sachs first coined the term "Age of the Galliard" to describe the style of dance performed in Italy from the early sixteenth through the mid-seventeenth centuries. Herein, I present my work - translations, notations, and teaching resources - of this era of dance.
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An Overview of the Sources of Italian Dance of the Age of the Galliard
Dances from the Chigi Manuscripts
Dances from Livio Lupi's Libro di Gagliarda, Tordiglione Passo e Mezzo Canari e Passeggi
The Basic Steps of Il Ballarino

Coming Soon:
Where to Start: Beginner Dances in Il Ballarino
Building Blocks: Choosing Dances to Start Reconstructing Il Ballarino Yourself
Italian Dance Styles of the Age of the Galliard
Differing Opinions: the Historiography of Italian Dance of the Age of the Galliard

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