Age of the Galliard
Curt Sachs first coined the term "Age of the Galliard" to describe the style of dance performed in Italy from the early sixteenth through the mid-seventeenth centuries. Herein, I present my work - translations, notations, and teaching resources - of this era of dance.
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Il Ballarino: Steps and Dances is now available, covering all if the steps and dances of the original manual.

Il Ballarino: Cascarde focuses on the steps, music and choreographies necessary for those dances in the Cascarda style.

Il Ballarino: Love and Beauty is not currently available for sale. Please contact us if you would like more information about this book.

Coming Soon
Several future books and articles on dances of the Age of the Galliard are currently in the works. As these projects develop, information about each project will be made available here.

Il Ballarino: the Music will be available soon. This book will include all of the sheet music for the dances of Il Ballarino, in two formats - the music as originally written, and a second piece that is broken into three parts and transposed into a more comfortable key for recorders. In addition, this book contains a chart detailing the features of the music - including the original key and accidentals, the transposed piece's key and accidentals, the musical repeat structure, the length of the dance, and the styles of the dance. Il Ballarino: the Music will be available in an 8 1.2" by 11" spiral-bound book, to enable the user to set the book right on his music stand and play.

The next anticipated dance book will disect the dances in the Chigi manuscripts. Look for more information about this book in early 2013.

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